Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy


Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy (IBCT) was developed by Dr. Andrew Christensen and the late Dr. Neil S. Jacobson. Behavioral couples therapy is the most widely researched type of couples therapy. IBCT incorporates historical strategies of behavioral couples therapy and adds in new pieces for promoting acceptance in couples. The latest research results show that among couples with serious and chronic distress, over two thirds of couples remained together and showed significant improvement at the end of therapy as well as two years later.

couple 2IBCT involves two phases: an evaluation period and a treatment period. The evaluation phase allows the therapist to assess concerns and then explain their understanding of problems and themes in a “feedback session.” Potential goals and how therapy can help are presented. Then, the couple makes an informed decision about whether they wish to proceed with treatment. During the treatment phase (typically 6 months to 1 year), current issues and incidents are assessed and intervened on in an effort to improve understanding and reduce ineffective patterns of behavior. In these discussions, the therapist is often quite active, helping partners communicate more openly, directly, and clearly...assisting them in finding alternative ways of interacting.

IBCT at Upaya Counseling is delivered exclusively by our director, Dr. Amanda Bittner. Please contact us below or call 314-252-0675 to inquire about scheduling with Amanda.

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