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Upaya offers services at varying private pay price points in order to fit a range of budgetary needs of our clients. We accomplish this by having skilled therapists with varying levels of professional experience and working as a team to treat our community of clients. All clients benefit from the collective expertise of Team Upaya. 

If your therapist is a provisionally licensed counselor or social worker, their fee for service will be $90 per individual session (50 minutes) with a sliding scale sometimes offered. Student Intern therapists' fee will be $50 per session with a sliding scale sometimes offered. Unlicensed therapists' services are not eligible for in-network insurance billing. 

If your therapist is fully licensed, their fee for service will start at $135 per individual session. For a seasoned clinician who may be nationally-certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, or another evidence-based treatment, fees may go up to $150 per session. Your therapist may offer a lower fee upon request. 

Some therapists at Upaya are in-network providers with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna/Evernorth, or United Healthcare/Optum. If your fully licensed therapist is not in-network with your type of insurance, you have the option to apply on your own for out-of-network insurance benefits/reimbursement; we will issue you a Superbill for this purpose upon request.


All groups at Upaya Counseling are billed private pay. We do not bill insurance nor provide Superbills for group services.

Adult DBT skills training groups cost $50-55 per two hour session; adolescent DBT groups are $75-80 per two hour session. DBT Graduate skills groups cost $32-35 per one hour session. 

Non-DBT group session fees range depending on the type and length of the group. 

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